Dubai foodies invited to a masterclass of European butter at The Walk

 Dubai foodies invited to a masterclass of European butter at The Walk

Cheese monger and French dairy aficionado,François Robin, to whet the appetite of visitors during a French butter pop-up on The Walk, JBR from 10 – 12 December

Foodies are invited to learn more about the process of making dairy butter, its origin, and the characteristics that make French butter mouth-wateringly good when a unique pop-up takes centre stage at The Walk, JBR from 10 – 12 December.

As part of the Butter of Europe campaign, which is organised by CNIEL – The French Dairy Board and the European Union, visitors to The Walk will be guided through a series of demonstrations from cheese and French dairy aficionado, andaward-winning artisan François Robin.

The Butter Stories pop-up will give visitors the opportunity to make dairy butter, showcase recipe ideas,and reveal some of the more unique ingredients that can be added to butter such as herbs, nuts, and fruits.

François, who has travelled the world for many years highlighting why French butter is the premium butter on the market, said: “Butter is such a versatile product.Thanks to the way French butter is made and the ingredients involved, the taste is superior, making even the most basic slice of bread or cracker taste exquisite.

“Due to its consistency, almost any flavour can be added to create a new and unique taste, this includes everything from honey to mustard, saffron to orange, and even bee pollen. It is quite literally a case of anything you can do, I can do butter!”

The Butter Stories pop-up will take place from 10am -12 midnight, from Thursday 10th until Saturday 12thDecember and can be found in front of Roxy Cinema on The Walk, JBR.

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