The better choice: Veneers or braces?

 The better choice: Veneers or braces?

Smile adds to your face value and in this piece we will explore the best way to improve your smile. We explore two popular choice veneers or braces and which is a better option.

Crooked or misaligned teeth can make you feel self-conscious and many people consider braces or veneers to improve the look of their teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry without veneers is like a bird without wings. For many years veneers have been the base and flagman not only of cosmetic dentistry, but also of general restorative dentistry. They give people not only a beautiful smile but a beautiful life.

Dental Veneers are custom made shell-like material which are glued on the facing side of the front teeth.
Veneers are one of the best ways to straighten teeth without braces because they provide multiple cosmetic benefits, they’re durable, they’re done in almost no time,   No need to live with a stained, discolored, crooked, or a gap smile.

And the main advantage of veneers is that they can change the form and color of your smile according to your desire, which braces cannot do. You want to be strict,  order  veneers with strict form of smile, you want to look younger, you want to be more mature…and so on. Did you know that veneers can do all this? (We’ll talk about this in details in my next article)

Braces and veneers are different treatments that can both drastically improve your smile. They each have unique advantages depending on your degree of misalignment.

In basic terms, veneers are considered cosmetic and braces are considered structural. Braces can fix anatomical misalignment or problems like an overbite, under bite, and cross bite, among others. 

Veneers are used to fix cosmetic problems like discoloration, chips, stains, or small gaps between your teeth. They are attached to the front of your tooth and don’t require much maintenance aside from normal oral hygiene practices.

Dental veneers are “shells” which are glued over your existing tooth. There are two main types of materials used, composite and porcelain. Porcelain is the gold standard, it gives the best quality of finish in terms of aesthetics and durability. Main advantage of veneers over crowns is its minimal preparation, a much more conservative treatment in preserving tooth structure as opposed to crowns. The number of veneers required for a patient will vary depending on wether the patient wants some teeth to be altered or a Hollywood smile. A hollywood smile is 10-12 veneers upper jaw and same with lower jaw. Generally after doing «Hollywood smile» patient’s smile becomes broader:)

One of the most appealing aspects of veneers is their short treatment time. After your initial consultation, it only takes just 2 more appointments to mold and attach your veneers. You can see the desired results much more quickly than with braces. You won’t have a special regimen to follow because veneers can be cared for just like the rest of your teeth.

In addition to aligning your teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent treatment for enhancing their overall appearance of a person, when the treatment is done by a top cosmetic dentist.

Additionally, dental veneers can be used to adjust the actual shape of the teeth themselves, not just their alignment or position in your mouth.

But veneers require cutting of enamel and braces do not require cutting of your enamel, so all of your teeth will remain intact after treatment is completed. They can also help with problems associated with cleaning your teeth, or a misaligned bite which can be a source of pain or other issues. Investing the time into braces will result in an aligned bite that alleviates pain, trouble chewing, and other problems with the jaw and bite.

Braces take time because they gradually reshape your jaw. The average treatment time is one to two years, and you will also need to wear a retainer at night for several more years. Some patients are also concerned with the visible nature of braces.

The best treatment for your teeth will come down to the degree of misalignment. Veneers can be an alternative to braces in mild cases or those who simply want a cosmetic change. Braces or Invisalign may be better suited for moderate to severe misalignment or structural problems.

Veneers have been the mainstay of cosmetic dentistry for many years, they have given millions of people plenty to smile about. However, preliminary records and assessment by a qualified dentist are essential to minimise complications and dissatisfaction of veneers treatment.

The best way to determine what to choose between veneers vs. braces is to schedule an appointment with your dentist or dm me

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