Pleasure Diamonds into e-commerce platform

 Pleasure Diamonds into e-commerce platform

Founded in 2006 Pleasure Diamonds has carved a niche for themselves as one of the leading suppliers of certified & non-certified natural, ethically source & conflict free Diamonds. After the pandemic hit luxury goods shopping dramatically changed. In the same way pleasure diamonds predicted that modern shoppers would buy luxury jewelry online.

The retailers are optimistic that the future of Jewelry and fashion is e-commerce.  E-tailing mania has been spreading its wings as the post covid strategy to attract the customers and boost the sales. Pleasure Diamonds has been quick to adapt to the e-commerce business module and master the art of it.

“I wanted to create an online store with a different customer experience… For me, it is about building something that my customers can genuinely fall in love with. I want them to see the personalized& uniqueness in each Jewelry they buy for themselves or to gift. We will always try to exceed the expectation of our customers.” said Mr. Dhaval Adani in one of our interviews scheduled with him.

With now over 1000+ unique designs and specially curated collections, pleasure diamonds is on its way to create an all in one platform for any jewelry shopping.

Their new website reflects every bit of energy that the founder has for the brand. It is extremely simple to buy timeless jewelry for every occasions. Images of Jewelry from every angle has enabled to shoppers to see every Jewelry piece at their convenient time from home or office.

Pleasure diamonds knows that when it comes to life’s biggest milestones, it is the little things that make a difference, that is why they created virtual consultations to offer jewelry selection with the guidance of their specialists.

It is not only the collection that attracts us to the brand but the seamless process, pricing, and the security of making a purchase just makes us fall in love with the brand.

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